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Life Cycle of the Frog Booklet Project

Open the Book Template

Click the proper icon below to open the Frog Life Cycle Book Template in either Google Docs or Word format.

Microsoft Word template link
MS Word
Google Doc template link
Link to Google Doc Template

When you click the link a template file will open. Save your file immediately using your first name for the file name.

Be sure to SAVE your book file often as you work on it!!!!

Research Pages

Click on the links below to find information and pictures on each stage of the frog's life cycle.

Stage 1: Eggs

Stage 2: Tadpole

Stage 3: Tadpole with Legs

Stage 4: Froglet

Stage 5: Adult Frog

Can you label the different stages of the frog's life cycle? Try it by clicking on the arrow below!

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